EXHIBITIONForward to the Past: Yokoo Tadanori's Road to Hanshan and Shide

2022.4.9 sat. - 2022.7.18 mon.

The spread of the novel coronavirus, which first emerged in 2020, has transformed our daily lives. It has also become difficult for Yokoo Tadanori to go out or meet people, he holed up in his studio and devoted himself to painting.

As the motif for his latest works, Yokoo chose the Zen monks Hanshan and Shide (known in Japanese as Kanzan and Jittoku) from Tang-dynasty China (618-907CE). Yokoo employed what he calls moro-tai (“obscure style”) to depict the two figures, who are notable for their tousled hair, ragged clothes, and hearty laughter. The painting style is characterized by free-wheeling brushstrokes, tremulous contours, and light coloring, but we also find that there are a number of similarities with Yokoo’s past experiments, which have been marked by a bewildering number of changes.

In addition to presenting a collection of works from the new series, this exhibition includes pieces from the past as examples from Yokoo’s lengthy struggle and search, which unexpectedly resulted in his current approach.