EXHIBITIONYokoo Tadanori: A Full Stomach! (Man-Man-Puku-Puku-Man-Puku)

2023.1.28 sat. - 2023.5.7 sun.

To commemorate the tenth anniversary of the museum, it is with great pleasure that we present Yokoo Tadanori: A Full Stomach! (Man-Man-Puku-Puku-Man-Puku), a compendium of past exhibitions.

Since the museum opened in 2012, we have shed light on Yokoo’s art from a variety of different angles. In keeping with the spirit of the artist’s own desire for constant change, we have functioned as a kind of experimental laboratory.

This exhibition, which is in part a self-parody of Han-Han-Puku-Puku-Han-Puku, the exhibition held ten years ago to commemorate the museum’s opening, we have attempted to cram as many of the approximately 30 exhibitions we have organized over the years into the limited confines of this space. The chaotic environment that emerges as a result exemplifies Yokoo’s inexhaustible energy as he continues to throw himself into his work despite being well over 86.