Archive Room

Having received a variety of materials that shed light on Yokoo Tadanori’s work from the artist’s personal collection, the museum is currently in the process of cataloguing and making these items available to the public. With a diverse range of content, the archive includes everything from Yokoo’s design manuscripts to his private library of books and LP records. There are also countless materials that detail the artist’s extensive relationships with a host of important figures which are of vital importance not only to the study of Yokoo’s work but also to the study of postwar cultural history as a whole.

・Catalogued materials are available to the general public (free of charge, appointment required).
・Materials cannot be removed from the archive room.
・Individual users are not allowed to borrow materials from the facility.

Those with an interest in making use of the Archive Room are asked to contact the museum by email (address below).

Yokoo Tadanori Museum of Contemporary Art
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