Yokoo Tadanori: Showa Nippon– Repetition, Propagation, Metastasis

Poster design: Yokoo Tadanori

Yokoo Tadanori’s works, all of which are unfinished, propagate through repetition before eventually metastasizing. In part, this is a reflection of historical continuity. This exhibition reexamines Yokoo’s consistent depiction of pre- and post-war Japan, and the temporal continuity of the present juxtaposed with the Showa era, during which the artist has lived most of his life. Structurally, the exhibition occasionally traverses time while also transcending the expressive media of graphic art and painting. This is rooted in the fact that Yokoo’s creative attitude is consistent in that he has never been concerned with genre boundaries. From the time that he worked as a designer, Yokoo was already active as a painter, and over the years he has also independently produced countless posters and other works that were not commissioned by a client.

Using a methodological approach in which we take a retrospective view of the Showa era from today’s global perspective, the exhibition sheds light on the spirit of that age and considers where we might be headed in the future. Along with the light and shadow of Japan’s period of rapid economic growth during and after World War II, which served as a backdrop for the Showa era, the exhibition also asks what kind of questions Yokoo Tadanori’s Japan might pose to future generations.

January 25 (Sat.) - March 30 (Sun.), 2014

Closed: Mondays
Hours: 10:00 - 18:00 (admission until 17:30)
     10:00 - 20:00 on Friday and Saturday (admission until 19:30)

Adult ¥700
University students ¥550
Age 65 and over ¥350
High school students and younger Free

Tears of War 2010 collection of the artist
The Hunchback of Aomori Prefecture (Tenjo Sajiki) Stage Background Design 1967 collection of the artist
Textiles Pavillion at the Expo '70 (Japan Association for Textiles Pavillion) 1969 collection of the artist
Ango Sakaguchi Festival (Kinokuniya Hall) 1974 collection of the artist
Karma c.1985 collection of the Yokoo Tadanori Museum of Contemporary Art
Meeting with Dear Soul 1998 collection of the artist